Author, Poet, Art/ Music/ Poetry/ Open Mic Events Host,  Editor, and Translator. Send me an email if you would like me to host an event or translate your work.

Seres Jaime Magaña was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He is a student of literature and a writer. He has published in the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival Boundless Anthology 2015-2016-2017, South Texas College Interstice 2015- 2016-2017, Art Young’s Good Morning and Garbanzo Literary Magazine Jan 2017 Issue, the Acentos Review Feb 2017 Issue,The Raving Press ‘Bad Hombres and Nasty Women’ issue, UTPA Gallery Final Edition, and has one self-published book titled ‘Seven Blossoms’. He is currently a host for Saturday’s Open Mic at Luna Coffee House in McAllen, Texas, where he welcomes poets, musicians, and comedians to share their work. Seres enjoys reading his poetry and short stories around the Rio Grande Valley where he currently lives with his family. For more of his writing check out his page on FaceBook @seresjaimemaganaauthor and to reach him you can email him at seresmaganaauthor@gmail.com